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A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Marketeer, an up-and-coming new social syndication and machine-learning-for-customer-service company in Spain. Their Bright Ideas blog and Bright People podcast involves "the best and top influencers in B2C, B2B and Growth Hacking marketing" (their words, not mine).

Perhaps due to the nature of this kind of intercontinental interview, my conversation with Rafi Kasermali was wide-ranging and...

CCI Channel Wisdom - Episode 18

In Part 2  (of 2), Steve Kellam and I cover practical Video Marketing tips and real-world case studies.  

Steve Kellam (President, CCI Global Channel Management) interviewed me about the role of Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel.

Part 2 continues our wide-ranging back-and-forth dialogue to dig into concrete tips and report actual campaign results. Aimed at channel ma...

CCI Channel Wisdom - Episode 17

Steve Kellam of CCI Global Channel Management interviewed me about the role of Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel.

Steve is whip-crackin' smart and this wide-ranging back-and-forth dialogue goes about 1000 miles in under 30 minutes! Aimed at channel marketing and sales leaders, but relevant to all business owners.

This is Part 1 (of 2), covering high-level strategies and insigh...


It's an essential question because video is the most powerful and revenue-generating marketing tool available. Check out the stats: Viewers recall 95% of...


Excerpted from Video Growth Hacking for Channel Chiefs (Business Success Press, 2016)

Your employer's impossible demands

Most vendor-employers and distributor-employers expect their Channel Marketers and Channel Sales Chiefs to achieve double-digit growth every year. In other words, your work is often measured against nearly impossible demands. 

Seth Godin has written a compelling book on this topic called Lin...