Case Study Video

Dig Safe - testimonial for Partners Technology & Mitel
Going on location can be the best way to explain products and services in a way that peers relate to. This testimonial case study involves a client (Dig Safe), their value-added reseller (Partners Technology) and a technology manufacturer (Mitel). It's full of valuable information for any organization with a contact center. 

Dig Safe is a legally mandated service that receives over 600,000 calls a year from contractors and consumers planning to dig or excavate. Through a sophisticated contact center running on Mitel technology, Dig Safe receives the calls, logs location data and sends automatic notifications to over 600 member utility companies in a 5-state area.

Any company handling a high-volume of customer requests through a call or contact center can relate to this story.  In under three minutes, the video demonstrates how Partners Technology (a Mitel reseller) has kept Dig Safe running 24/7/365 for over 28 years, including 3 moves/expansions. 


Case studies don't need to be flashy or fast-paced to be effective. What's important is for the target audience to see themselves and their own challenges in the scenario.  Relevant content like this is informational and inspirational to people in the target group.


By hiring remote crews and leveraging video conference technology, I produced and directed this Massachusetts-based storyline without ever leaving my office in California.


My roles in the production:

Concept, produce, direct (including directing remote camera crew,), edit