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Things people ask

Photo of cogs and gears representing the complexity of Content Marketing Strategy and Planning
Graphic showing the 5 stages of the Customer Life-Cycle Experience: Prospecting, Pre-Sale, Post-Sale, Touchpoints, Referrals
Photo of an architectural blueprint representing careful planning for high-impact content development
And the answers I give

I ask a lot of questions to make sure the work we do reflects your vision and helps you attract and retain more customers.


Here's a quick Q & A to give you a sense of how I can help:


Q: What makes strategic content a success?


A: The answer is different for each type of digital and video content and how it's distributed. I make sure content is created to achieve YOUR goals. For most business owners, sales and marketing execs, the initial goal is usually "better leads" and more income. Sometimes to get there, we'll measure other goals including video's impact on SEO rankings, time spent on your website, higher click-through rates, repeat visitors, likes, retweets, etc.


Q: How do we prioritize the content we need?


A: The most important thing is to look at your Customer Lifecycle and your content eco-system. Like a drive chain keeps a wheel moving forward, the entire customer journey propels your ultimate success. 


A few facts:

• It costs 5 to 12 times more to attract a new customer than keep an existing one.
• The ROI is up to 10 times higher for investments in customer retention than new customer acquisition.  
• A mere 5% increase in customer retention typically results in a 75% increase in aggregate lifetime profits.


Q: Where do we start?


A: When we begin, there are likely to be some basic video and content opportunities like automating communication with prospects and customers.  These needs generally come first—like putting on your own oxygen mask before you worry about the kids.  


When it comes to all your content, including social media, blogging and video, we will:

  • poll your sales team about the information prospects and customers are requesting

  • replace ego-driven communications that openly try to sell with ones that inform 

  • monitor news trends related to your Content Roadmap

  • keep backlogs of keywords being searched and create videos relevant to them


Q: Will our video content enhance our search rankings?


A: That's the idea. Video content has a direct positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.  The rules are constantly changing, and it's no longer about meta tags and keyword stuffing—in fact, those can backfire. Google places high value on video content due to its popularity across all sectors.  


Q: Do we need custom video content for maximum growth?


A: Probably. It depends on your goals and your budget. If you sell products from vendors, there may be some good video content already available that can be packaged and personalized as part of your content strategy.  


In any case, strategic video and social content are often the fastest way to achieve a marketing goal, like jumping a car that otherwise just won't start. I've written, directed and/or produced hundreds of videos, and I can help produce what you need very economically.


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