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First 100 Influencers


Video growth hacking and content strategies


Turnkey video production including:

  • Script writing

  • Video directing

  • Video editing

  • Sound design


Video distribution and automation

Video for SEO and search rankings

Website Design & Strategy


#1 Bestselling Author & Public Speaker

I make challenging processes enjoyable, keeping budgets small and results big.



Besides "communications mode," I enjoy:

  • Making music with my chart-topping duo Cosmic Spin

  • Creating and sharing Guitar Discoveries videos on my YouTube channel

  • Long walks and hikes

  • Travel

  • Savoring organic food and wine bargains

  • DIY house and garden projects 

  • Deep conversation with friends and family



What I've done and what I'll I do for you.


I've made strategic content and video into a magical growth hack for hundreds of organizations. I'd like yours to be one of them.


Close your eyes, fast-forward a few months and imagine how it would feel to set new records for engagement, sales, customer satisfaction and referrals. These magical outcomes are the result of:

  • the right videos and digital content automatically communicating

  • the right messages through

  • the right channels to

  • the right people at

  • the right time.  


I earned my nickname "The Video Growth Hacker" from years of helping people like you crack the code of digital marketing and online video — generating faster growth and higher customer satisfaction than ever before.


I take the mystery out of planning and producing content that will become 

your strategic assets with long shelf-life. I help integrate video into your go-to-market strategy, your web presence and content marketing mix to achieve record-setting sales, customer satisfaction and customer referrals within 6-12 months.


Automated video communicates your ongoing messages perfectly with zero staff time, yielding extraordinary returns to marketers, managers, owners and investors:

  • You will communicate with greater impact and stop wasting time repeating yourself.  

  • You will turbo-charge your content marketing and enhance the customer journey with less effort than ever before.


By working together to mastermind content and videos in a style and tone that inherently reflect and promote your brand, we can generate more qualified leads, arm your team with foolproof communication tools, shorten your sales cycle, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and turn ordinary customers into evangelists.  


Let’s talk about your growth goals and achieve something amazing this year. Email me: or call: 510-497-4109.


P.S., I also have a soft spot for education, nonprofits and causes I believe in. I help them gain prominence and raise millions through content strategies and high-emotional-impact video content.





Just a few of my clients (alpha order)...


Apexa iQ, Avnet, AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Couchbase, Extreme Networks, GM, Herman Miller, HP, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, HomeAid America, Lenovo, Lifesize, Logitech, Make-a-Wish Foundation, McAfee, MIND Research Institute, Mitel, NEC, Ovation, Panasonic, Percipia, Pervasent, Plantronics, Polycom, Powersports Support, ScanSource, ShoreTel, Steelcase, Sprint, Toshiba, Truss Financial Group, UC Berkeley, UC Office of the President, Ultimate Ears, USA Today, Windstream, Zift   


...and many more. 

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