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Personalized Video: Voodoo Video Marketing & Video Brandcaster


Strategic online video production is the first part of your Video Growth Hacking challenge. Part two is how and when to deploy specific videos. The more you can do automatically, the better. But the ultimate key to success is video personalization. 


Full disclosure: I'm a co-founder of Voodoo Video Marketing, creators of the Video Brandcaster platform for branding, personalization and social sharing of your organization's video marketing content.


Imagine every member of your staff having his or her own personalized version of the videos in your library. Then imagine the exponential exposure that occurs when each staff member shares your videos with all of their contacts on LinkedIn, Facebook and twitter. 


I never push clients into a specific tool, but it's a fact that Voodoo software is far less expensive than other enterprise video tools like Brightcove or Qumu and marketing automation systems like Marketo and Eloqua. For this reason, many emerging companies choose Voodoo and Video Brandcaster to make video marketing an integral part of their business processes, social media strategy and customer life-cycle.


My clients get special rates and features from Voodoo...hey, I've got pull there.  Preview the Video Brandcaster below or click this button to visit the full site in a new browser window.    

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