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My Video Equipment & Promo Recommendations

Smartphone Videography Tools
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Super-mobile Video Tools for Smartphones

What they are:

  • Small and light tools to record pro-quality video of you or another individual

  • Stabilize the camera phone

  • Control exposure and focus

  • Improve sound, even in noisy conditions


Click product photo or underlined description to see product page and reviews. NOTE: Prices constantly change on Amazon. Prices shown below are estimates. 

Smartphone App to give you professional camcorder features for about $10

Use this simple, inexpensive app to gain control of Exposure, Focus and Audio gain.

Filmic Pro  App for Apple iOS
Filmic Pro  App for Android

Teleprompter App to read your scripts while looking directly into the selfie lens of your mobile device.

This impressive app features VoiceTrack, to scroll your script content automatically as you read!

PromptSmartPro Logo.png
PromptSmart Pro  App for Apple iOS
PromptSmart Pro  App for Android
PromptSmart Pro  Help Center

All-in-one Stereo Audio + Camera/Phone Stabilization Package

A professional-grade toolkit to keep your phone steady and have pro-quality stereo audio. When the tripod legs are folded, they become a handle so you can record while walking and roaming. (Click image for details.)

Shure MV-88 Kit.png

Shure MV88 Stereo Condenser Microphone and Tripod Kit

Amazon Product Name:

Shure MV88+ Video Kit with Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone for Apple and Android

Est. $249.00 (Prime)

Camera/Phone Stabilization

Use these tools to keep your phone steady and safe from mishaps while shooting. (Click images for details.)

Smartphone Mount for Tripod

Amazon Product Name:

Cell Phone Tripod Adapter - iPhone Tripod Mount SE 6 6S Plus 5 5S 5C 4 4s Clip Holder Connector Head Smartphone Attachment Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 S2 - DaVoice (Black)

Est. $6.95 (Prime)

Mini Flexible Tripod

Amazon Product Name:

GripTight GorillaPod Stand For Smaller Phones – This Smartphone Stand and Tripod Will Provide You a Multitude of Solutions by Joby

Est. $29.95 (Prime)

Available in various colors, this little clip is simple and effective. Just position the spring mounted clip so it doesn't push any buttons on the side of your phone.

Joby's GorillaPod is remarkably strong and can be flexed in radical ways to mount your phone video camera almost anywhere. Use it to get your camera at the right distance and height for more flattering shots.

Tall Collapsible Portable Tripod (18-65” Tall):


Amazon Product Name:

ZoMei Z818 Light Weight Heavy Duty Portable Magnesium Aluminium Travel Tripod Come With Quick Release Plate Ball Head and Carry Case For Canon Sony Nikon DSLR Cameras(Orange)

Est. $85.99 (Prime)

Full Height Pro Tripod with Panhead (24-75” Tall):

Amazon Product Name:

SLIK PRO 700DX Professional Tripod with Panhead (615-315) by Slik

Est. $139.95 (Prime)

This pro tripod is small enough to be a convenient travel companion, yet strong and expandable enough that it can even support a larger DSLR camera if needed.

I bought an earlier version of this tripod over 10 years ago and it's still a workhorse in my equipment bag. The panhead allows a wide variety of angles and tilts and pans quite smoothly for a tripod in this price range. Yes, it looks funny with a little smartphone mounted on top, but it works!

External Audio

Use these tools to improve the quality of your audio — a radical improvement from your smartphone's built-in mic. 

(Click images for details.)

Wired Lavalier Mic for under $20 (that sounds shockingly good):

Amazon Product Name:

Canon Vixia HF R800 Camcorder External Microphone Vidpro XM-L Wired Lavalier microphone - 20' Audio Cable - Transducer type: Electret Condenser

Est. $17.00 (Prime)

Full Professional Grade Wired Lavalier Microphone

Amazon Product Name:

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones

Est. $67.68 (Prime)

This has a male TRRS plug that can inserts directly into an iPhone6S (or older) Apple smartphone and most Android phones. The wire is only 20’ long, so you can record audio straight into the phone from longer distances. 

You will hear the difference. This upgrades your audio to a no-apologies, fully professional level without breaking the bank. Rode makes excellent quality microphones for a small fraction of the price normally charged by big brands like Sennheiser, AKG, Shure and Audio-Technica.

Extension Cord for Lavalier Mics shown above:


Amazon Product Name:

Miracle Sound Microphone Extension Cable 20 feet 6m Gold Plated For Better Quality Sound Not Silver Like Other Brands TRRS Female 3.5mm to TRRS Male 3.5mm Microphone Extension Cable for Smartphones

Est. $11.99 (Prime)

For either lavalier shown above, this extends the potential distance from mic to phone/camera. For use with most smartphones, the plug on the lavalier and the extension cord both need to be TRRS (stands for Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve). The correct type has three black lines on the metal part of the plug. Plug into your phone jack and the lavalier should automatically override the phone’s built-in microphone.


One of the best ways to improve the look of video shot indoors is to invest in a flattering light rig. For under $150, you can now have the kind of lighting used by many professional beauty photographers. It's called a ring light, and it generates gorgeous, even light, and creates a twinkle in the eye of your subject. Magic. (Click images for details.)

LED Ring Light with accessories:


Amazon Product Name:

Camera Photo/Video 18" 600W 5500K LED Dimmable Ring Light

Est. $116.99 (Prime)

Light Stand for Ring Light:

Amazon Product Name:

CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case

Est. $19.94 (Prime)

Don't forget the stand! A ring light needs a sturdy tripod-style stand. This one's inexpensive and does the job well.

Simply position this a few feet away from the subject, so the phone/camera is shooting through it. It creates flattering wraparound light and eliminates shadows on the face. You'll love the sparkle in the eye! This LED version stays cool and uses very little power. Eco-friendly!

# 1 Video Promotion Tool

Voodoo Video Brandcaster

What it is:

  • Super-easy low-cost way to share your videos, gain exposure and sell more

  • Online software that automatically frames ANY YouTube video with your logo and contact info

  • Share your videos via email and social media in seconds.

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I  only recommend items and brands I strongly believe in and have direct experience with.
I appreciate you purchasing through my links.
More equipment recommendations to come. 
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