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Robert Cassard — The "Video Growth Hacker"
Keynote Speaker and Expert Trainer

"Automated and personalized video is a magical growth hack for any business. Close your eyes and fast forward a few months to imagine how your business has grown. You're setting sales records consistently because you have the right videos automatically communicating the right messages through the right channels to the right people."

A few of Robert's

speaking topics:


Why You Need a Video Content Strategy Now

How to cut an hour off your workday and double your sales using automated video

Shorten the Sales Cycle with Video

How to arm sales reps with the most powerful Sales Enablement tool of all. Professionalize, personalize and close deals faster!

Video for Education & Non-Profits

Using video marketing to engage constituents, build loyalty and raise funds 

Video, Content and the Savvy Startup

Leveraging video marketing as a strategic growth hack to attract and engage users 


Putting Video to Work

Secrets and strategies to sell more, delight your customers and generate endless referrals


Web Video for Small Business

How to use automated video to become a Big Business starting today


The Entrepreneur’s Video Success Formula

What you must know to grow your business and increase its value — fast!

The Cornerstone of Your Business Empire

How to make digital content and automated video your most valuable strategic assets


Video for Passive Income

How to develop video-based information products that sell themselves using…you guessed it…automated video!


Stop Repeating Yourself 

How to use video to clone your executive team, communicate more effectively and grow your company faster



Robert Cassard is a #1 Bestselling author who earned the title "The Video Growth Hacker" from a mission-driven career helping businesses and nonprofits use automated and personalized video marketing to generate consistent exponential growth.


Video is well-proven to be the most powerful way to promote and communicate online, especially as part of a comprehensive content strategy. The mysterious puzzle of video marketing, once solved, offers extraordinary opportunities to:

  • improve your website's chance of a Page 1 Google search ranking by 53X

  • help your content be remembered 9X better than with text and still images

  • promote your business effortlessly through YouTube search and pass-along views

  • let you to stop repeating the same sales messages over and over

  • generate ongoing referrals from satisfied customers more easily than ever


Despite these unparalleled stats, even the most experienced business leaders and marketers often avoid video for fear of spending too much or embarrassing themselves on camera.


Robert has an innate ability to help get people past their fear of video and into the fun of it. He brings wisdom, insight and energy to every event from three decades as a marketing strategist and award-winning video writer-producer. 

Robert’s entertaining talks are full of tales from the trenches, video examples, audience participation and plenty of humor. He gives your business audience the tools and insights they need to use online video to grow their companies and achieve a better work-life balance. He demonstrates how integrating video into any web presence and content marketing mix can achieve record-setting sales, customer satisfaction and customer referrals, often within a few months.


Robert’s presentation to your organization will likely be the most valuable and directly applicable information your audience receives this year. He’s sure to be a hit of your speaker series.


To book Robert Cassard for your upcoming event, contact Bara Waters ( or call: 510-497-4109.






See a sample of Robert in action...

Here's a recent 10-minute presentation made to the Pinnacle Global Network. Just a taste of Robert's engaging style.

What Business Leaders say about Robert's presentations...


"Robert is a top video consultant here in San Francisco and his presentations are mind-blowing for business owners. Videos have become super important for consumer companies, Kickstarter, pre-sales hopefuls and ongoing startups." 

- Andrew Romans, Rubicon Venture Capital
Author of The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital


"Robert is the most creative and talented marketing guru I know. His presentations always set the bar high, but he manages to exceed my expectations every time." 

- Randy Albert, University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

Author of Making the Transition from Entrepreneurship to Enterprise

“Robert has the magic touch for communicating big ideas. His videos sell millions for his clients and his live talks move audiences to take action to change their businesses and their lives.”

- Allison Maslan, AMI Global Business Mentoring

Author of Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams into Reality

To book Robert Cassard for your upcoming event,

contact Bara Waters ( or call: 510-497-4109.


Recent Internet & Podcast Appearances

Structured Web is a through-channel marketing platform in use by leading technology vendors. Robert made a two-part appearance on the Channel Waves podcast, hosted by Steven Kellam. Robert and Steven explore the importance of video marketing, the challenge of adoption and the Top 10 video distribution platforms for business success.

Channel Waves Part 1.png

360 Insights is a leading channel incentives platform and service provider. Robert was a repeat guest on their Channel Edge podcast, hosted by Reggie Waterman. Robert and Reggie have a frank talk about what prevents companies from producing video content and why it matters (so much).

Go BIG Podcast episode.png

DEAR VIDEO is a popular podcast about what's working and what's not in the world of video marketing. On Episode 32, host Peter Preston questions Robert about: 

  • What authenticity means and why it wins in video

  • How to use video at every stage of a customer lifecycle

  • The #1 way to boost your SEO rankings

Dear Video Podcast - Robert Cassard.png

Marketeer is a social media syndication platform based in Spain. Robert was featured on their international Bright People podcast, sharing perspectives on video as an essential Growth Hacking tool. Interview begins at 5:20.

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