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Company Video & Website Series — Finance

Truss Financial Group
Truss Financial Group is one of the Top 10 providers of alternative and jumbo mortgages to the self-employed and real estate investors. 
Watch the company's new Home Page branding video — part of a 10-video "growth hacking" package that immediately reduced the TFG's cost-per-lead by 25%.

To save approximately 50% vs. a single production, I bundled 10 videos into a complete video-for-website package (including a Flagship video, 7 Mortgage product subpage videos, plus 2 social media remarketing videos for Realtors and Real Estate Investors). 


I flew to Orange County, CA, to direct and work with Jeff Miller and Jason Nichols, Truss' own executives. They served as the on-camera spokespeople for all 10 videos. (No one knows Truss' business, and the unique needs of their clients, better than the company owners.)


I wrote the scripts and mixed original location footage and stock footage to convey the benefits of Truss' unique and helpful alternative mortgages, which offer much lower rates than typical "hard money" loans.

Results from the video package and my work on the Truss Financial Group website prompted the LinkedIn review below, documenting an immediate 25% reduction in cost-per-lead. 

My roles in the production:

Concept, script, soundtrack (incl. narration and music sourcing), direct location shoot, stock footage selection, screen footage capture, color-grading, editing.

Nichols Testimonial 2022-02-25.png
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