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Executive Webcam Interviews — News Updates

University of California — Procurement and Pandemic Interviews
UC Health: A Healthier Vision (Scott Wilkerson)
A time-sensitive news series. Interviews with procurement leaders at UC Health, UCSF, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and more. 
Unified video branding elements professionalize very informal webcam interviews. 

Ongoing post-COVID-19 video communications:


When the systemwide Procurement Department of the University of California wanted to share time-sensitive facilities reopening and vaccination strategies at UC campuses, they knew VIDEO interviews would have much higher impact than print versions of similar content. And 5-10X higher engagement results bear this out.


With no time to arrange formal, professionally shot interviews, webcams came to the rescue. I am provided only raw interview footage, shot on home webcams in standard definition, and my challenge is to turn them into an HD series worth watching... 


UC procurement has done an excellent job of keeping UC medical and research facilities supplied with everything they need to handle the Covid crisis, and using videos like these to communicate is one reason they're so effective at collaborating. 

As the pandemic winds down, the UC Office of the President has opted to continue this popular series, which has increased engagement with its quarterly newsletter by a factor of 5.

My roles: Create video branding standards (logos, animations, music, etc.), and apply them consistently across the series. Edit the interviews and sweeten the audio to optimize the professionalism of the series without making it stuffy or formal.


UC Irvine: Conquering COVID Contingencies (Snehal Bhatt)
UC San Francisco: Hanging with Hine (Jim Hine)
UC Berkeley: Chatting with Chung (Russ Chung)
UC San Diego: Jawing with Johnson (Ted Johnson)
UCLA: Welcoming Wells (O.T. Wells)
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