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Go-To-Market Explainer Video

Butterfly IT
Butterfly IT provides subscription-based cloud computing technology for startup businesses. Butterfly animations, plus a combination of original and stock footage, highlight pain points, then present the company's products and services as ideal solutions.

It can be challenging for an IT startup to educate potential customers about its product and service benefits, while simultaneously establishing a compelling brand...all in under 2 minutes.


Butterfly IT needed a Go-To-Market explainer video to position the company and its subscription-based IT products as a simple and easy way for any business to scale up its cloud computing technology. In this case, we wanted to "take a hammer" to the old paradigm of needing to BUY lots of hardware to get a new company off the ground. So we literally did that in one of the shots! 


I recognized the butterfly logo as a visual element that could be animated in unique and interesting ways which occurs at three key moments to emphasize and establish the brand.


The client and I worked closely to craft a script that would leverage pre-selected stock footage, along with footage from custom product shoot. The resulting national quality video was both reasonably priced and highly effective and memorable.

My roles in the production:

Concept, script, soundtrack (incl. narration and music sourcing), stock footage selection, remote-direction of location shoot, color-grading, editing.

Butterfly IT Rec.png
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