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Go-To-Market Explainer Video (SaaS)

Apexa IQ
Apexa IQ provides revolutionary subscription-based security software for banking and finance.
After a year of development and a strong angel funding round, Apexa was ready to launch its product into the marketplace.
They contacted me to help establish their marketing "vocabulary" and finalize their website and flagship explainer video for launch.

Apexa IQ is an IT startup with a visionary leader and a highly sophisticated SaaS product — one that answers the needs of IT leaders including CTOs, CISOs, CIOs and more. 


Well-funded and with a Who's Who Board of advisors, the company had nonetheless struggled to find the right words and core messages to explain its revolutionary new product. Apexa IQ internal staff had developed a website wireframe that looked unique and memorable. It simply needed "flesh on the bones" and a powerful video to tell the story effectively and consistently.

I quickly recognized the power of the Apexa IQ score to become an industry-standard measure of any client company's security posture — a single numerical rating encompassing equipment obsolescence, technical debt and security vulnerabilities.  

My first steps were to analyze the competitive environment, evaluate search terms and phrases to determine the best ways to build organic traffic to the Apexa IQ website, and develop a product marketing vocabulary to make all communications more consistent, efficient and memorable.


Working as a team, we then developed and agreed upon the vocabulary, and from those building blocks, I finalized the website content and wrote the flagship video script. I then flew to Boston to interview company founder Lokesh Aggarwal on camera. 


The resulting video offers a clear explanation of the problem, the product and the promise of Apexa IQ — the perfect mix for a Go-To-Market video. 


My roles in the production:

Concept, script, direct location shoot and interview company president, stock footage selection, soundtrack (narration, music sourcing and SFX), color-grading, editing.

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