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Music Video - Painted Art

Robert Cassard - Across the Universe (Psychedelic Beatles Cover)
Music is my personal creative outlet, and there's nothing I enjoy more than recording a new version of a great song, then bringing it to life visually. 

When I recorded this multi-cultural version of Across the Universe by The Beatles, I envisioned producing and directing an accompanying music video. My goal was to create a kaleidoscopic, psychedelic visual feast that looks the way the music makes me feel.


Painted art animation offers extraordinary visual options. It's a multi-stage process, beginning with raw video of every scene that will eventually be painted and colorized.


As this video demonstrates, the stylistic options are infinite. Many projects aren't appropriate for this kind of artistic approach, but for those that are, painted video can be a revelation.


More of my music:    Cosmic Spin (Duo)      On Soundcloud


Public endorsement from noted expert Andrew Romans of Rubicon Venture Capital.


He literally wrote the Entrepreneurial Bible on VC funding and success.

Comments from Todd Norian of Ashaya Yoga, one of America's great yoga masters and teacher trainers.

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