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Music Video - Hip-Hop

Arthur Pri¢e - Games
Back in the 90s, I owned a music video production company called Edge Films. We racked up lots of awards producing low-budget videos shot on film. Today, I still love shooting and editing music videos, especially for up-and-coming artists like Arthur Pri¢e.

The first time I heard Games by Arthur Pri¢e, I found myself "seeing" images that could and should complement the song. I contacted Arthur and his co-writer/producer Jahkavelz and offered to bring their song to life visually.


We shot all the live performance footage in a single half-day green-screen shoot, then got to work on the matte work and animated backgrounds. Using many stock animations and After Effects templates, the entire production was completed over one long (and very fun) weekend.

My roles in the production:

Concept, shoot, direct and edit (including all matting and motion GFX).


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