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Company Flagship Video

Percipia Hospitality Technologies
This national-quality flagship video raised 
Percipia's status in the  Hospitality Technology sector. (Shh...don't tell anyone it was produced entirely with stock footage.) 

Percipia offers kick-ass Hospitality software and hardware integrations and solutions for hotels, but they were having trouble establishing legitimacy with some of the larger hotel chains.


This video's high-end look and feel are comparable to national television ads costing many times more. The concept focuses on a major customer pain point (bad online reviews), then demonstrates how Percipia eliminates the pain with a high degree of product and service flexibility.


I wrote the script and built a unique original soundtrack based on stock footage pre-selected by the client and me. By writing the script with available shots in mind, we crafted a first-class flagship video entirely from existing stock. This saved Percipia 70-90% off original footage shot on location. 

My roles in the production:

Concept, script, soundtrack (incl. narration and music sourcing), stock footage selection, color-grading, editing.


Want to guess the budget? (Contact me to see if you're right.)

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