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Documentary-style Recruiting Video Series

Couchbasics 104 — Couchbase Mobile (shot in San Francisco) 
Couchbase is a San Francisco-based pioneer in No SQL development platforms. Couchbase knows that any developer who downloads and uses their platform will become a convert, so the goal of the video series is to convey unique features and company culture, then let nature take its course. 

When it comes to advanced NO SQL platforms, open-source Couchbase is simply the best!


The company asked me to produce and direct a series of "Couchbasics" videos with the goal of recruiting developers to download the software and try it for free.


Previous attempts at "selling" Couchbase in this way had proven ineffective simply because developers aren't a typical audience. They are highly skeptical of any sales pitch and are particularly networked into their own community when it comes to recommendations about platforms, etc.

I recommended creating a series of recruiting videos that didn't try to recruit at all. I suggested that we show the lives of real-world developers (peers of the target audience), located all over the world, actively using Couchbase. The developers themselves explain how they discovered the platform, what's unique about it, and how it's become part of their coder lifestyle and rising success.

These four mini-documentary-style videos highlight Couchbase's unique features and expose its company culture in casually random and fun ways that have had massive appeal to developers. Couchbase's YouTube channel features well over 1000 videos, but Couchbasics is the most popular video series in company history.


My roles in the production:

Strategy, concept, script outline/question set, soundtrack, music selection, location shoot and interview, b-roll shoot, editing.

Couchbasics 103 — I/O Multiplexing (shot in Huntington Beach, CA) 
Couchbasics 102 — Apache Spark (shot in Vienna, Austria) 
Couchbasics 101 — Data Buckets (shot at Couchbase HQ) 
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