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Non-Profit Explainer

Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific
This low-budget video has helped HIP raise many times its cost and deliver free medical services to countless Veterans in the San Francisco Bay area. 

I'm a staunch advocate for using video to tell your organization's story consistently and with emotional impact. And I have a soft spot for non-profits and causes I believe in. 


My former video production company, Edge Films, produced countless "company story" videos for organizations large and small.  Fundraising and promotional videos for Make-a-Wish Foundation, PacifiCare Foundation, CalSurance, the MIND Research Institute, Dallas Theater Center, HomeAid America and The Painted Turtle, among many others. 


As someone who supports our returning war veterans and has experienced the healing power of homeopathic medicine, I offered my video production talents to HIP at a dramatic discount. The video is featured prominently on the organization's web site and has been leveraged in numerous Veteran's Day and Memorial Day outbound campaigns. 


Because of the low budget, this became a DIY project. I directed, shot and edited the piece, and even recorded a music soundtrack, a new version of Bruce Springsteen's "We Take Care of Our Own."

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