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Concierge-Style Video - Humor

ShoreTel & CenturyLink Sales Kickoff 2017
ShoreTel & CenturyLink are two of the biggest names in the Unified Communications industry. This motivational video, full of insider humor, launched their dynamic partnership for 2017, playing to over 2,000 reps at a national sales meeting. 

Some concierge-style videos need to make a big splash, like this one, which was shown on huge screens at CenturyLink's national sales meeting.


ShoreTel's sales and marketing groups chose to emulate a national TV broadcast, in this case, an ESPN-style sports show — a Season-in-Review broadcast for the (fabricated) "Unified Communications League."


National television personality Ben Hermes is pitch-perfect as an over-the-top sports commentator, reviewing the seasonal exploits of the top 3 "teams" in the telecom sector. His delivery is supported by a multi-angle 3-D virtual studio set, with animated titles and motion graphics to cement the message and make it memorable...and hilarious for this audience, full of jokes for industry insiders.


This video was shown to 2,000 CenturyLink sales reps in New Orleans...just days before the SuperBowl. It received universal acclaim and became a major hit of the event.


My roles in the production:

Script, produce and direct (including all video editing, motion GFX and music selection).


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