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Concierge-Style Product Videos

Pervasent Software

Flagship Product

Pervasent is a growing software company based in Oakland, CA. The company needed a video to explain the benefits of its flagship product Board Papers and to convey the company's legitimacy to a core audience of enterprise-level IT directors.

This is a good example of concierge-style footage in a product video. Research shows that eye-to-eye contact between the concierge/host and the viewer help retain interest to watch the entire video.


A professional on-camera spokesperson speaks directly to the viewer and delivers concise, tightly scripted information. (In this video, the concierge is Iris Almario, a veteran of national TV shows including CSI, Jane the Virgin and many others.) 


The concierge is supported by simple animated titles and motion graphics, and enhanced by a generous amount of original footage showing the product in use, PLUS a customer testimonial shot on location for added social proof.

The overall look of the video, including titles, photos, fonts, colors, etc., was designed to match and enhance Pervasent's existing website and branding. 


My roles in the production:

Concept, script, produce, direct and edit (including all motion GFX and music selection).


Stuart Williams Review.png

New Product Launch— Summer 2019

Two years after the Board Papers video... 
Pervasent called me to create a Go-To-Market video for the launch of a new software product. Team Papers is a powerful add-on for Microsoft Teams, launching in Summer 2019. 

Go-To-Market videos are essential promotional tools that often have tight deadlines and limited budgets. Such is the case with the launch of TeamsPapers from Pervasent.   


Microsoft Teams has experienced the fastest adoption of any Microsoft subscription product. This poses both a major opportunity and challenge for a lean-mean software company like Pervasent, as they launch a document organization and sharing tool for the MS Teams environment.


The opportunity to increase Pervasent 's user base with a valuable Teams add-on is obvious, but the challenge is massive: They must reach IT Directors and Procurement officers to convey the value of Team Papers' functionality — clearly and succinctly. 


The client and I settled on producing another concierge-style video to parallel the look, feel and pace of the Board Papers video from 2 years earlier.


To accelerate the production timeline and keep the budget as low as possible, I arranged to shoot Iris Almario's on-camera footage at a green-screen insert studio in Los Angeles, just down the street from her home. I directed the shoot remotely (via webcam) from my office near San Francisco. By eliminating the time and costs of travel, these choices alone saved the client thousands of dollars. 


Iris' footage is supported by animated titles, motion graphics and color blocks, along with stock and original footage demonstrating the product's value and showing it in use. Launching Summer 2019.


My roles in the production:

Concept, script, produce, direct and edit (including all motion GFX and music selection).


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