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Non-Profit Fundraising Video

BIS Kids Foundation
A low-budget video with high emotional impact and production value to raise awareness and educate donors for youth drug and alcohol prevention programs. 

I have a soft spot for non-profits and causes I believe in. And a video is the best way to tell a non-profit's story and convey its mission with emotional impact.

BIS Kids is a fast-growing Southern California non-profit that brings kids from 7-12 years old into its 2-day workshops tuition free. Every kid gets a scholarship! It was started by Victoria Morgan as a way to memorialize her son Nathaniel, who died in a car crash with a drunk driver, and to help other families avoid unecessary loss of life from substance abuse. 


Video producer Rick Davis of Vision2Media asked me to write and direct the project. I was happy to help because BIS Kids has its heart in the right place, and is doing remarkably effective work on drug and alcohol prevention — a topic with devastating statistics that gets woefully little attention. 


I'm proud to add this video to the many fundraising and promotional videos I've written, produced or directed for Make-a-Wish Foundation, PacifiCare Foundation, CalSurance, the MIND Research Institute, Dallas Theater Center, HomeAid America, The Painted Turtle and many others. 

My roles in the production:

Concept, script and direct (including voiceover talent and music selection).

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