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Company Video Package (Flagship Video, Social Teaser Series & Case Study)

TeleComp is one of the fastest-growing IT service providers in the South Central US. I've been involved in every aspect of their branding and marketing, including a growing portfolio of national-quality videos.

TeleComp needed a flagship video to anchor its website Home page and YouTube channel. A primary company video is an essential tool for organic SEO, offering search ranking boosts averaging 53X according to Forrester Research.


To achieve economies of scale, the client and I planned for me to produce and direct five videos in a single trip to Arkansas: 

1) TeleComp flagship video

2) Series of humorous social media teaser videos promoting Unified Communications, Managed IT and Security Services, and Fiber Internet

3) TeleComp/Bumper to Bumper customer case study video


TeleComp is among the fastest and most agile IT service providers. That's why a hummingbird is the ideal choice for their logo icon, a memorable visual element, animated to grab attention and establish the brand.

My roles in the production:

Concept, scripts, logistics, source video crew in multiple locations, direct location shoots, soundtrack (incl. narration and music sourcing), stock footage selection, color-grading, editing.

Fun Social Teaser Series — "White Glove Service"

Social Teaser Series (Fun) — "Safe as Fort Knox"

Social Teaser Series (Fun) — "Lightning Fast Internet"

Customer Case Study Video

TeleComp Testimonial.png
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