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Series Preview

Welcome to my YouTube channel for Video Growth Hacking. New video each week to help grow your business using video. 

Video Growth Hacking

An ongoing series on YouTube
offering essential video tips.
Simple ways to improve your sales videos


The truth is, nobody cares about your story. They only care about themselves. So you need to figure out what it is about your story that’s relevant to them.

Who really needs to know about your product or service? And why?

Choose the right style of video for each use


An detailed overview of 5 effective video content styles.


Match the style of video to the situation and goals and you’ll get much better ROVI—Return On your Video Investment.

Basic facts about the effectiveness of video


Recent statistics demonstrate that strategic video content is the easiest growth-hack you can apply to any business or organization. 


Video helps you sell…moves people along in their buying process…and makes researching you and your product more fun, informative and effective.

Customer life-cycle videos for after a sale


When you invest in customer retention, the ROI is up to 10 times higher than what you get from lead generation. 

We explore specific video content that will make customers fall in love with your company and your products.

Capture and hold viewers' attention


Don't waste time and money producing videos no one watches. Here are 6 ways to make your video content more relevant.


Learn how to make growth hacking videos that people want to watch all the way through.

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