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Top of Funnel Awareness Video

Customer Experience — Quick Business Quiz
One of over 20 top-of-funnel awareness building and attention-getting videos I've written and directed for Voodoo Video Marketing and its many technology reseller clients...

Voodoo Video Marketing is the #1 provider of door-opening sales video to the telecom industry. The company's extraordinary reputation is based largely on the extensive library of technology awareness videos I've written, produced and directed.


The videos are made available exclusively via the Voodoo Video Club. The videos are shared by Value-Added Resellers and their sales reps  via social media and email campaigns. Campaigns consistently generate high open and click-through rates, and result in many sales appointments and closed deals.

This "Quick Business Quiz" uses a combination of research statistics, dual narrators, animations and real-world footage to educate prospects about the vital importance of Customer Experience (CX). This is one of 3 CX videos that, launched as a drip-marketing campaign, are currently setting Lead Generation records in the Voice & Data sector. 

My roles in the production:

Concept, script, soundtrack (incl. narration and music sourcing), stock footage selection, motion graphics, color-grading, editing.

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