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Whiteboard Explainer - Software

Voodoo Video Marketing Magic
Voodoo Video Marketing is a Bay Area tech company that I co-founded in 2007. A fun whiteboard animation was the right way to convey the personality of our product.

For most companies, it's a challenge to tell their story in 2 minutes or less. It's even harder to do it without just talking about yourself and your product or service (which no one cares about, by the way).


To get people to start watching a video and stick with it all the way through, I recommend identifying a customer pain point or a major missed opportunity and focusing on that.


Voodoo is a cloud-based video platform for sales and marketing that turbo-charges the ROI and effectiveness of email with the storytelling power of video. In other words, it makes email sexy again. Here's where that idea led.


My roles in the production:

Concept, script, direct (including supervision of animation, voiceover, music soundtrack and final edit).

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