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Whiteboard Explainer - Channel Sales Consulting

Channel Maven
Channel Maven is the top sales and marketing consulting firm to technology manufacturers and their VARs. They needed an attention-grabbing explainer video to demystify their role and give prospects a sense of their fun-loving approach. 

Channel Maven works with some of the world's largest and most successful technology vendors, helping them communicate TO and THROUGH their channel partners.


It's a tricky thing to explain Channel Maven's philosophy — which is the OPPOSITE  of other advisors who push too hard and communicate too often. So we decided to begin this video with an over-the-top parody of hard-sell tactics, which quickly get kiboshed by company CEO Heather Margolis. She explains, in her own voice, why Channel Maven advocates a low-key approach. 


The company is known for its casual, no-BS style, and this video captures that perfectly, right down to the company's canine mascot, who appears (and barks) in the final shot.


My roles in the production:

Concept, script, direct (including supervision of animation, voiceover, music selection and final edit).

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