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  • Steve Kellam and Robert Cassard

CCI Channel Wisdom Podcast: Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel

CCI Channel Wisdom - Episode 17

Steve Kellam, President of CCI Global Channel Management, and Robert Cassard, CEO of Voodoo Video Marketing Magic, a/k/a The Video Growth Hacker

Steve Kellam of CCI Global Channel Management interviewed me about the role of Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel.

Steve is whip-crackin' smart and this wide-ranging back-and-forth dialogue goes about 1000 miles in under 30 minutes! Aimed at channel marketing and sales leaders, but relevant to all business owners.

This is Part 1 (of 2), covering high-level strategies and insights: the essential Why and How of Video Marketing.

Click the Soundcloud image to listen.

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