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  • Steve Kellam and Robert Cassard

CCI Channel Wisdom Podcast: Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel (Part 2)

CCI Channel Wisdom - Episode 18

Steve Kellam, President of CCI Global Channel Management, and Robert Cassard, CEO of Voodoo Video Marketing Magic, a/k/a The Video Growth Hacker

In Part 2 (of 2), Steve Kellam and I cover practical Video Marketing tips and real-world case studies.

Steve Kellam (President, CCI Global Channel Management) interviewed me about the role of Video Marketing and Growth Hacking for the Channel.

Part 2 continues our wide-ranging back-and-forth dialogue to dig into concrete tips and report actual campaign results. Aimed at channel marketing and sales leaders, but relevant to all business owners.

Click the Soundcloud image to listen.

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