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Can you really "growth hack" with video?

Bright Ideas by Marketeer Graphic

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed by Marketeer, an up-and-coming new social syndication and machine-learning-for-customer-service company in Spain. Their Bright Ideas blog and Bright People podcast involves "the best and top influencers in B2C, B2B and Growth Hacking marketing" (their words, not mine).

Perhaps due to the nature of this kind of intercontinental interview, my conversation with Rafi Kasermali was wide-ranging and full of surprises. It was one of the most relaxed and casual interviews I can recall, focused primarily on Growth Hacking and the role video can play in a company’s growth. There's some great meat following the pleasantries, and the main course is served around the 7:50 mark.

Here are some of the key questions we addressed:

9:10 - What's an average day at Voodoo Video Marketing?

10:10 - How did you develop your video growth hacking skills?

12:10 - The history of Growth Hacking. The Dropbox growth hack.

14:27 - Favorite productivity hacks.

15:45 - How is growth hacking different from normal marketing?

17:27 - What will produce the most growth the most quickly?

18:30 - What are the benefits of growth hacking?

19:55 - What was the most surprising thing you learned from A/B tests on a landing page?

22:20 - What are the top qualities of successful growth hackers?

23:55 - What do you believe is the future of growth hacking?

25:10 - Overcoming the fear of video.

25:55 - Is there a set of best practices to empower successful growth?

Click on the graphic above to access the blog page, or access the Soundcloud podcast directly. Then jump forward and enjoy!

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