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Wild ideas, part two.

Maybe it's a little crazy to make kiwis into popsicles. But they look great and taste even better. Hell, they're even good for you. So maybe not so crazy after all.

Cutting out the middleman is a time-honored tradition and an easy way to save money. So is it crazy for me—who owns a software company through which people indirectly purchase my video content expertise—to offer my services directly at a lower cost? I'm cutting out the middleman, and the middleman is me!

For over 25 years, I've helped countless small to medium-sized companies growth-hack their way to wild success—usually with creative video content. I love doing it and I want to do it more.

So when I told a couple of marketing colleagues that I planned to offer independent Video Content Consulting, the first thing they said was, "I'd hire you." That made my wild idea seem crazy cool. So here I am with a bowl of kiwi popsicles to share. Lots more where these came from.

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