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6 easy ways to make your video content more relevant.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

If your video content is still telling people how great your company is and how unique your products are, fugeddaboudit.

No one’s gonna care. And I don’t want you to waste time and money producing videos no one watches.

So what SHOULD you do? Watch this video to learn 6 easy ways to make your video content more relevant:

1) Be helpful—answer important questions and provide valuable information. You’ve got to know who you’re talking to so you can provide the help they really need.

2) Be honest—people smell sales-speak a mile away and they’ll stop listening and caring.

3) Be smart—intelligent content attracts intelligent customers…and that’s what you want.

4) Be yourself—real people are the most powerful voice for any business. People buy from people they like.

5) Be funny—a little humor is disarming, so let people know you’re not afraid to have fun.

6) Be consistent—it shows you’re dependable and worthy of their trust and loyalty.

Pay attention to those 6 simple rules and your videos will become guaranteed growth hacks.

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